A New Season

A new NBA season has started. Things you should know about the upcoming season that might be of interest. The San Antonio Spurs...can they repeat? Something they have never done. If they do,it will make Tim Duncan one of the greatest players in NBA history.Boston Celtics...the "Big Three",Kevin Garnett,Paul Pierce,Ray Allen. Can they win it all? YES! If they was coming out of the West ...I would say no. But, being in the East, and having a legitimate chance making it to the Finals,anything could happen when you get there.The rest of the players would have to step up also,to make that happen. Kobe? You can make a very good case that Kobe is the best player in the NBA...I think he is. Will he stay with the Lakers? The New York Knicks..and the off court termoil. Isiah Thomas,Chicago's very own.. was found guilty in a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former executive. I've been around a lot of NBA players,and one thing I KNOW...there are women from everywhere coming at these guys and falling at their feet. Man! I can tell you some stories! Back in the day at the eating spot Houston's in Chicago where most the Bulls players went after the game..Ladies so Fine! You want to marry them! So would Isiah go hitting on a employee. Something's not right here. So, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? He didn't do it...Something happen that's for sure.BUT,The world may never know. skoolofskills.org