Best of the best...

NBA is the best of the best..when it comes to basketball. We now have other leagues gaining. Players overseas are getting better. There is aprox. 480 players in the NBA coming from all over the world. But, Chicago has more players in the NBA than in any place in the world. More than L.A. and Philly combined! More than New York? Yup, More than New York! Why?? Good Question...I'll say the players from Chicago play with more fire,they want it more...What ever It is. When you play a guy from Chicago,you are in for a battle! Each part of Chicago is different from the other..I mean, you can go on the westside play a game[if you make it home ]and then play a game on the southside[if you make it]and then go on the low end and play a game...And the style of the game,flow will all be different! That's just Chicago...most hoods don't call many fouls,hacking ,pushing is somewhat allowed. but, then again ,it depends on where you are at. At the start of the NBA season 2007/08 we have 19 players in the "L" down from 22 of last year.We lose Will Bynum,Dee Brown.Linton Johnson is still there,hoping to make the squad and sign. All will be playing overseas or somewhere,we'll try to keep up with them. So who's in? Here they are...Tony Allen,Andre Brown,Shannon Brown,Eddy Curry,Melvin Ely,Michael Finley,Luther Head,Juwan Howard,Steven Hunter,Andre Iguodala,Shaun Livingston,Darius Miles,Nazr Mohammed,Jannero Pargo,Quentin Richardson,Bobby Simmons,Dwyane Wade,Antoine Walker,Julian Wright. That's them...all 19 of them. More on the horizon..that's for sure. We will get some Jannero Pargo, and some sure fire one's like Patrick Beverley,Arkansas and Derrick Rose,Memphis. They will be there...just a matter of when. Antoine Walker got traded from Miami to Minn. He's safe for at lease two more years..being paid 8 mil. for the next two yrs. on his contract. He came to camp not in the best of shape....known for having a good time.Nothing wrong with that...but, have to know when to take care of business.I think he don't the the fire in the belly anymore.

The Mecca of Basketball....Chicago!

Hello World! Welcome to the MECCA...Chicago! I'm new to blogging, so bear with me. I want to first thank the people at Skool Of let me have the opportunity to talk basketball to you. Something I love dearly. I've been around a while, a seen a lot of things...hope to relay some of things I think and things I saw in and around Basketball and Chicago. I promised not to be graphic or rude when speaking on this game I love...Basketball. The best ball players in the world come from here man. DON'T FORGET IT. I won't debate the point. FORGET IT! Kinda reminds me of some other things Chicago is number one in...Stepping[started here],House Music[started here],Juking[started here],Slam dunking[started here]largest market in the world ..CME/CBOE,Options started here. sorry NYSE.The real gangsters Al Capone,Jeff Fort,Larry Hoover was here. We have R.Kelly.We have Kanya West! Anyway, back to Basketball. The NBA season is close to starting, a lot of things to talk about. Tons of rumors in the league...I do have some thoughts on the NBA. Let me tell you. Well for one ...there's only like 480 players in the NBA. So that make it like an elite group[What's Up with all the Tattoos... Rodman.]It use to be once said...If you were in the "L" you are on of the best in the world.NOT TRUE! I can tell you right now there's like 100 guys right now in the "league" that couldn't hardly make it in some pick-up games in the big heart,not fast enough,no, why are they still in the NBA? That's a whole new blog. The good thing they have going for them is the conditioning. That's IT! I can get a guy on the Westside OR Southside[The Chi has a thing within itself about where the best ball players come from...Southside or Westside.]and bring these guys the BLUES! Thanks again to Skool Of Skills for letting me Blog!