What do you see yourself doing in the future? What’s your vision of where you want to go? Just think about some of our great visionary thinkers like Martin Luther King, Jr. and his vision for equality, non-violence and peace. Where would we be today if he had not had great vision for his people? What about Alexander Gram Bell and his vision for the telephone? Today we are able to talk to people clear around the world because of his vision. And, there’s also Thomas Edison and his vision of the light bulb. Today we are not in the dark because of his vision. Finally, there’s Garett A. Morgan who witnessing a terrible accident in the early 1920’s and invented a traffic light, a device that after 75 years remains the primary tool for managing automobile traffic. Develop your vision of what you want. You have to see it and believe it, before you can achieve it. "Do you want to play Division 1 Basketball?" "Do you want to play overseas?" "Do you want to be in the league (NBA)?" What’s your desire? Think on it. Meditate on it. Take time to write down your vision – then write down specific, itemized goals (steps) that will lead to your vision. There’s a saying in the Bible that says, "my people perish without a vision". You must have vision or you are going nowhere fast! How true a statement? If you don’t see yourself doing something in the future, you won’t do anything. If you work a 9 to 5 job and you don’t see yourself as one day becoming the manager, company executive or owner, you probably don’t have any vision. A person without vision becomes stagnated and falls into a rut. Think about what you want. Then you must see yourself attaining it. Now, hold that thought. Write down your vision. Make a list of individual steps that you can take to achieve your ultimate goal. You can formulate this into a "vision statement" for yourself and work towards achieving it daily. 2 of 10

Ten Secrets For Basketball Sucess!

I worte this a few years back for another site...But I thought it will be useful for someone wanting to get better at the game I love.I'll be starting with the first and foremost thing you need.....1 of 10 MINDSET
"Get Your Mind Right". How you think is everything. Always think positively – think success. Make up your mind to be committed and dedicated to becoming the best. Positive thoughts will bring success on and off the basketball court. Have confidence in yourself –"high" self-esteem. Don’t blame yourself when you make a mistake. Learn from it (think about what you could have done differently). Move on. Remember, how you think is everything. How is it that when some guys get the ball they just know they are going to score and can sometimes tell you what they are going to do and then, do it? They know they are going to "do" you because they think success. They are focused when someone is guarding them on offense. Think in terms of the "jungle mentality", translation: in the jungle, it’s eat or be eaten. – only the strong survives. Think: "I’m hungry and I’ve got to eat". Think like the wolverine. A wolverine is not the largest animal nor is it the strongest. But it is one of the most tenacious and fearless animals on the planet. Being that the he is not fast, he has to find whatever he can to eat. If he stumbles upon a very large grizzly bear eating, he will go over and take the food from the grizzly leaving him running into the woods. The wolverine has been known to take food from a pack of wolves. How does this happen? These animals know that the wolverine means business and they can risk injury in a fight so they move on knowing they can get another meal. But the wolverine is hungry, and he’s got to eat. If you don’t eat, you’re going to die. In order to get to the next level, you must have this type of attitude. Ask yourself, "what am I thinking?" Maybe you don’t know because everything is going so fast. Are you thinking, "pass" as in passive or are you thinking "destroy" as in dunk?" You must be focused and concentrate on the game. Don’t be passive and think about "whatever comes to your mind" you must have a focused mind so that when you get the ball you will be successful. Always aim high. Strive to be the best. Think, "I can’t be stopped ‘cause I’m the best; I can score anytime I want and the only reason I don’t score is because basketball is a team sport and I want the game to come to me". 1 of 10

A New Season II

Here we are again to start a new NBA season.Last year I asked the question...Could the San Antionio Spurs repeat? I said No. I was right. Then, I asked the question... Could the Boston Celtics win it all?...I was right again. Man! I'm going to step out there again,with a prediction on this new season. Can the Boston Celtics repeat? No! Kevin Garnett is great...but,he's not a real dominate type needed to carry a team sometimes. It showed in the playoffs. Paul Pierce,well he can carry a team[proved it early in his career,can't do it now. He need help]James Posey is Gone! That's Huge Mistake! So, my choice is a tough one this year.I'll pick one team....but, I can make a case for at lease three teams to win it all.Los Angles Lakers,New Orleans Hornets,Phoenix Suns. My choice...Phoenix Suns. I can't go against Shaq! The most dominate big man in the history of basketball...still the best at 35.Although Superman Dwight Howard is coming on strong...a force.[Howard still need a go-to move,then work all the rest of his moves off that].Getting back to the Suns,cutting Steve Nash minutes during the regular season[he's 35]should have him rested and ready for the playoffs. Same for Shaq...Rested and Ready for the playoffs.Shaq was built for the playoffs.They will take it all this year. There I said it. MVP...take your pick. Kobe Bryant,LeBron James,Chris Paul..All will have outstanding seasons. Now let's talk about CHICAGO!The Chicago Bulls ...they picked up the number one draft pick,by chance...and drafted Derrick Rose. Great move! Now the Bulls go on and make blunders...there is still time to fix. 1. Not making a move at the guard position. Kirk Hinrich needs to GO! Too slow for the point...not tall enough for the 2 guard,can't play defense on anybody.Larry Hughes needs to GO! He's just not a winner.Larry is just out there getting paid. 2. Derrick Rose! Give the kid heavy minutes! 35+ every night! Otherwies you ruin him! AKA...Joakim Noah,Tyrus Thomas,Thabo Sefolosha.These guys need minutes! The ONLY way you get better in this league. 3. Get rid of the Big Poluka Aaron Gray. Nothing aganist you might be a great guy. But as far as basketball...You are slow,can't guard anybody,no downlow moves,if you needed a coach to teach you bigman moves last season...You don't have it! Don't have the mindset to dominate. I see it! Don't you KNOW your opponent see it TOO? The only good thing you can do is shoot freethrows...But, you can't get to the line to DO THAT! 4 . Fire the General Manager! John Paxson! Proved to be one of the worse GM's out there. He will start the season on the HOT SEAT! If Derrick Rose starts the season unhappy,Pax will be GONE! 5. Need of a GO-TO Guy Big Time! Ben Gordon can't do it...although he's proved it a few times.He's Short! Put a big guard on him ...Ben Gordon has problems. Plus he has hurt feelings from the contract talks.Ben you should have took 10! The 5 year 50 million dollar contract offered.Ben settled for 1 year 6 million. Becomes a free agent next year...and you still won't get over 10 mil. I'm a BIG Ben Gordon fan! He put his work in!You can see it in his body.Fire your agent! 010