Rickey Green A Chicago Legend

Rickey Green...One of the fastest to ever dribble a ball 3/4 court. I can really agrue that Rickey was THE FASTEST! Ricky grew up on the south side of Chicago,stood six feet tall and was a skinny guy,Rickey Green went to Hirsh High School,won a state title in 1973.I can still remember running up the court as fast as we can trying to be like Rickey Green...Hollering "Rickey"! He went on to the University of Michigan to earn acclaims as an explosive scorer and super fast ball handler. Ricky Green was he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the first round. He struggled his rookie year and found himself in the CBA. It doesn't end there. The Rickey Green we all saw and grew up with worked on his jump shooting skills and refined how to set up his teammates. Rickey Green was back! Back in the NBA! He found himself playing in the league 14 years and making the All-Star team for the Utah Jazz also being one of the oldest players to be in the NBA. Always carring the tag as the league's fastest point guard. It was one thing to see him on TV playing in the NBA, and a whole another thing to see him playing in the summer leagues. I thought If Rickey was playing today's game, he'd been a superstar! There was so much control on players back then compared to the game today. If you see him today,Rickey Green can still play! He's over 50 and getting up the court,shooting from half-court now! Don't let the age fool you. Rickey Green is truly a CHICAGO LEGEND.