Chicago leads the NBA again this year.

Chicago leads the NBA in the number of players from it's city. There are more players in the NBA from Chicago than any where in the world. Down from 23 players from last year to 17,however,still number one! The List....
Tony Allen
Kevin Garnett
Bobby Simmons
Eddy Curry
Derrick Rose
Jannero Pargo
Will Bynum
Luther Head
Nazr Mohammad
Quentin Richardson
Dwane Wade
Steven Hunter
Julian Wright
Michael Finley
Juwan Howard
Corey Maggette
Shannon Brown.

Who did we lose?
Dee Brown
Linton Johnson
Andre Brown
Melvin Eli
Darius Miles
Antonie Walker
Patrick Beverley.

William "Wil" Bynum - His Legend Grows

William "Will" Bynum born in Chicago,from the west side Crane H.S.
One thing we knew about Wil,was that he could score on anybody! His electrifying moves and vertical jump could rival anyone.
Will is a 5'9" point guard currently playing for the Detroit Pistons,is having one heck of a season. Will played his college ball for the University of Arizona,before transfering after his sophomore year to Georgia Tech. Helping Georgia Tech make it to the championship game with a game-winning shot. Drafted by the Boston Celtics 2005and later waived. Will became a journeyman but,never giving up on his play in the NBA. He became NBA Development League Rookie of the Year. After playing overseas in Isreal, Will got another shot in the NBA. There has been no turning back since. He set a Pistons club record by scoring 26 points in one quarter.
Basketball fans from Chicago Knows Will could score,watching him every year in the Pro-Am Summer League in Chicago.He's constantly into weekly NBA highlights,from dunks,to steals,to blocks,to big plays.
Welcome back to the "L" Will Bynum!
On your way to becoming a Chicago basketball Legend.

A new NBA season

Here we go again!
A new NBA season on the way. And it's the usual champ Lakers and the Celtics heading up the field. Lakers have the best player on the planet in Kobe Bryant and a young bench that just got a bit better with experience. Chicago's very own Shannon Brown is making a name for himself. The Lakers will be very tough to beat. The Celtics coming back with a healthy Kevin Garnett,while picking up help in Rasheed Wallace...nice pick up! However,father time is not on their side. They signed Rajon Rondo to an extention which help them in the long run. Rajon is coming into his own.
What's with Chris Paul and the Hornets??? They should be moving up instead of sideways and back.
What's with Shaq and the Cavaliers team??? I'm a big Shaq fan,so,time will tell. Shaq and Varejao together may be a problem. Don't sound the alarm just yet.
What's with Allen Iverson and the Grizzlies??? No one really wanted to pick him up over the summer,now he's stated his displeasure in not starting. He was allowed to return home to attend "Personal business". Wow!
Where's Jerry Stackhouse(no one picked him up yet),Tracy "T-Mac" McGrady(working out with trainer Tim Grover all summer and beyond hoping to get back to form),Michael Redd(injured again),Hasheem Thabeet(sitting on the Grizzlies bench).
We just hope Chicago's very own Antoine Walker and his shoulder-shimmy can get out of his financial-jimmy.

Paxton Lumpkin A Chicago Legend

Paxton Lumpkin was a true Chicago legend. Paxton Lumpkin went to DuSable High School,that's where his legend grew. He always had a big smile and was a joy to be around,he had a low dribbling style at times that remined you of the Globetrotters,he would later join the Harlem Globtrotters,so,it kinda make you wonder where they got that spinning,Groucho style of dribbling of the Trotters came from. DuSable were "Fast-breaking and full court pressing team on their way to the 1954 State Championship. They did not win the title because of a lot of controversial calls that turned the game. Paxton led his team to 31 straight victories,wearing high "Pro" socks. Paxton H.S. team was a big inspriation for young kids in the community. The DuSable team played a new high-school style of basketball called "Run-and-Gun". They were averaging 80 points a game when the other high school teams were averaging 50. Paxton went on to Indiana University on scholarship,but his books were second to basketball. He got in trouble with gambling and alcohol. He left Indiana University and joined the Harlem Globetrotters. He came back to Chicago to lead a positive life being a inspriation to young people in the community. Hats off to a true Chicago Legend Paxton Lumpkin.

NBA Power Rankings

A new NBA season starts with the champion Lakers being my choice as the top team. Here's my top 10 to start the season....
1. Lakers
2. Cavaliers
3. Celtics
4. Magic
5. Nuggets
6. Spurs
7. Hornets
8. Mavericks
9. Trail Blazers
10. Jazz

Rickey Green A Chicago Legend

Rickey Green...One of the fastest to ever dribble a ball 3/4 court. I can really agrue that Rickey was THE FASTEST! Ricky grew up on the south side of Chicago,stood six feet tall and was a skinny guy,Rickey Green went to Hirsh High School,won a state title in 1973.I can still remember running up the court as fast as we can trying to be like Rickey Green...Hollering "Rickey"! He went on to the University of Michigan to earn acclaims as an explosive scorer and super fast ball handler. Ricky Green was he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the first round. He struggled his rookie year and found himself in the CBA. It doesn't end there. The Rickey Green we all saw and grew up with worked on his jump shooting skills and refined how to set up his teammates. Rickey Green was back! Back in the NBA! He found himself playing in the league 14 years and making the All-Star team for the Utah Jazz also being one of the oldest players to be in the NBA. Always carring the tag as the league's fastest point guard. It was one thing to see him on TV playing in the NBA, and a whole another thing to see him playing in the summer leagues. I thought If Rickey was playing today's game, he'd been a superstar! There was so much control on players back then compared to the game today. If you see him today,Rickey Green can still play! He's over 50 and getting up the court,shooting from half-court now! Don't let the age fool you. Rickey Green is truly a CHICAGO LEGEND.


How time goes by! I just looked at my post from the start of the NBA season...WOW! I said that the Phoenix Suns,Yes,THE SUNS would win it all! They are not even going to make the playoffs! Shaq is still my man! I was riding Shaq,he didn't disappoint,playing in the most games this year for the first time in his carrer.Shaq had a very good season,he also made the All-Star team,however his teammates let him down,Steve Nash for one...this guy can't play a lick of defense! Nash is a one dimensional player! I'd get rid of him over the summer and pick up Allen Iverson. Yes, Allen Iverson! He's even worse you say! A.I. has something to prove after the Detroit disaster this year.I also picked the Los Angles Lakers,New Orleans Hornets,or Phoenix Suns. See what happens when you go out on the limb. L.A. still has a good chance. Everyone will be looking at Cleveland with Bron Bron leading the way! LeBron of my picks for MVP of the year.Yeah I know...that was a no-brainer. I think this is LeBron's year. I fail to even mention Dwayne Wade! He's had an outstanding season with more to come in the playoffs. Chicago leads the way again with 18 players in the league...more than any city in the country. That list include New York! We should have great NBA playoffs this year..Let's sit back watch and enjoy history being made.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

Following the crowd is a road to mediocrity. Do your own thing. Be a trendsetter! Back in the day, NBA basketball players wore very short uniform bottoms. Today, the bottoms are very long[Thanks,to the Fab Five.I have to remind you one of the Fab Five was from Chicago...Jawan Howard]. The shorts are knee length and below now. Ankle socks, headbands, leather gym shoes, tattoos[I don't like one,I think Dennis Rodman has a lot to do with this one.], cross over dribble[came from Chicago...Tim Hardaway, tear drop shot[by the way,it started in Chicago.You better ask somebody!], sky hook, backward slam, behind the back pass, finger roll[that's George Gervin,ol' skool], alley-oop, and trash talking[Chicago took that to another level,although I don't like that we get credit for this one started], all came from somewhere so, don’t be afraid to start something new. Don’t be afraid to do whatever it is that you like. It may become the new trend in basketball. Hope you enjoyed the Ten Secrets For Basketball Sucess.


Offense is 50% of the game. In order to be that Ultimate Player, one has to have an inside,outside game,and be able to take a person off the dribble. If your opponent is not guarding you close enough, you can shoot your jump shot. If your opponent is on you too close, you can take him to the basket. Remember, offense is just a strategy of action and reaction. You have the ball – you have the advantage. So, you are always creating the action which means the defender has to react to what you do. This gives you the ultimate advantage. The three point shot is a very big weapon that you have to put in your arsenal. What’s your strategy for successful offense? You want to be the "leader" and the "performer". The leader is highly reliable. You just know that in the 4th quarter, you will shine. The other players will feed off your drive. The leader knows when to let the game come to him and when to take the game over. On the offense, the "performer" does things to ignite his teammates and ignite the crowd (slam dunks, behind the back passes, no-look passes, crossovers). Keep the crowd in the game when you’re playing at home. Take the crowd out of the game when you are playing away from home. The "performer’ can act on a moments notice. And, don’t forget, you have the mindset of the Wolverine! 9 of 10


HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Defense is 50% of your game! So given this fact, if you have a very good offensive game and a mediocre defensive game, you are not a complete player. At most you would be at 50%. Most players give and focus a lot on offense. They use too much energy to score or play offensively. Then, they become too tired or have a lack of motivation or desire to be effective on defense. But, the great players know when to rest; know when to step up their defense in order to put pressure on the opponents. To be a good defensive player, you must have the desire to be good defensively and play with heart. You must also know all of the basic fundamentals of defense. You must also know the most basic – action / reaction. So, if an offensive player has the ball and creating the action, which means dribbling or shooting, that means you must react. But a great defensive player turns the table and he will initiate the action. Thus, making the offensive player react. You must have a burning desire to succeed. That same mindset is used on the offensive must be transferred to the defensive game. You must have the mindset: "I can’t be stopped", and "I can shut down anybody". Defense is the main thing that wins games. Defense is the thing that tests your opponent’s heart and desire. If you are consistently putting pressure on your opponent, he will respond. Applying "good to great" defense creates offense; creates steals and blocked shots; and creates fast breaks. A great defender takes charge on the floor not taking a charge. They are good communicators and they always know where the ball is while keeping their opponent within reach. There is much to learn about defense. Take "defense" seriously…just like your offense.
8 of 10