Communicate Effectively

Changing others attitudes by speaking effectively on the court has been an effective tool for changing the momentum in a game. Just by saying "Way to go!", "Let’s get ‘em!" or even, "Yes!" has been known to change the ebb and flow of a game. Motivating younger ballers of today is a good sign of communication going on between the generations. There seems to be a lack of communication between the old time ball players and the new generation of ball players. New generation players can learn a lot from the older players about the game of basketball. Just ask older player about your game. Where can you improve or change your game to make it better. Ask your basketball coach for his/her opinion about your game. Take the comments and use them as appropriate to enhance your game. Keep the lines of communication open. It makes this game more effective. Communication on defense is very important. So, how will your teammate know if there’s a pick coming if you don’t tell him? How will your teammate know if someone is getting ready to take the ball if you don’t tell him? How will your teammate know which play you are running if you don’t tell him? Can you tell him/her with you’re your body language? Communication can also be non-verbal. Your face can communicate fear or it can communicate fearlessness. For example, when LeBron James goes to the basket to dunk, he has fearlessness on his face. You know to move out of the way. But when Darko Milicic goes to the basket, he displays fear in his eyes. Body language is also a communicator. Bending over pulling on your shorts can communicate fatigue. Flopping in the paint area can communicate weakness because you are not willing to get in there and bang with your opponent. Sometimes it’s a good idea to talk with the refs before, during and after a game. You could say something like "good call ref" or ask the ref to clarify a call rather than screaming or going off on the ref. You can talk with the ref before the game to find out his/her style of officiating. On the other hand, it’s just as important to be a good listener. Stay focused on the game. Is your teammate trying to communicate with you? Did you know that you cannot talk to the opposing player in the NBA? Some players were being intimidated...WOW! Did you know you can't trash talk in the NBA? Some players were losing there cool...WOW!Are you aware of where the ball is at all times? Communication is a two way street. 7 of 10

Never Stop Learning

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste." Study the game of basketball through magazines, videos, newspapers and books. Talking to "old timers" (old skool) and high school & college players (new skool) can be very beneficial too. Discover what successful ball players are doing, and "model" (modeling is emulating what someone else does) yourself after them. For example, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar perfected his sky hook shot. It became known as one of the greatest shots [If not the Greatest]in the history of basketball and when it is mentioned, only one player’s name comes to mind. Learn how to sharpen your senses (sight, feeling & hearing). Pick a basketball role model and study him. Why is he successful? Whatever you don’t know or don’t have in your game, find out who does have it and study what they did to get to that point. Research what the successful players have done to become successful. Watch old tapes of games over and over studying the moves of the players. Try to identify any of their moves that you can incorporate in your game. Whatever you don’t know or have in your game, learn it. Learning is a continuous process. " Clyde the Glide", "Earl the Pearl", "Magic". "Chocolate Thunder". Why did these guys have these names? Was it a special move they developed? Can you incorporate one of these moves in your game or develop your own? Oh Yeah! It’s just an updated version of an old move. Did you ever study the way Dennis Rodman "Worm" in for a rebound? If you want to become a good rebounder, then studying Dennis Rodman’s moves would be a good lesson to learn. Study that until you get it down to science. Keep learning!!! 6 of 10

Persistence And Hard Work

Never give up! You must focus on your goals and press! Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t let anything stop you from working your plan. If you are playing a game and your team is down 10 points in the 1st or 2nd quarter, don’t get worried. It’s a strong start in the beginning of the 3rd, giving it all you got and having something left in your tank in the 4th that counts. Don’t allow outside influences to interfere with your work out program. If you have to practice in the rain... Just do it! If you have to practice in the hot sun... Just do it! If you have to practice in the snow... Just do it! If you have to practice at night when it’s dark... Just do it! It will make you better at your game and keep you committed. When you practice on your game, don’t become content with yourself. The way you practice is the way you will play. Perfect practice means perfect play. Keep practicing your left hand lay up or your right hand lay up until it is perfect. People always work on their strengths. But, the great ones also work on their weakness to make them better. Allen Iverson has mastered his crossover move with his right hand, but can he do it with his left hand? This is something to think about. Keep pressing to do more and become better at what you do. Can you practice 2 – 5 hours everyday? That’s what it takes to achieve greatness. The Greek philosopher Aristotle said, "Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit." You are what you repeatedly do. 5 of 10

Work Your Body!

Back to the Ten Secrets to Basketball Sucess...4 of 10 Work your Body.There are no short cuts to success. Success requires good ole’ fashioned hard work. Tracy McGrady had two workouts a day – one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. before he started getting noticed as a major basketball player which allowed him to enter the NBA after high school. There’s a saying that goes "no pain – no gain." Start a workout program and be committed to it. Develop a specialized drill that will focus on the body parts that you need to develop. What’s important? How about these: "upper body strength" for stamina and mixing it up down low; "arms" for jump shot shooting and boxing out; "legs" for running up and down the court, vertical leap and endurance. Ok, now what do you need to do to develop these parts? Weight training, aerobic drills, squats, running up and down a hill, jumping rope, jogging? What about wearing a weight vest? How about using finger weights to develop your jump shots? How about working with a medicine ball? Whatever you do, do it regularly. It should become your routine that you are committed to doing. Eat right. Nourish your body. Limit the junk foods and fuel your body with foods like fruits & vegetables & complex carbohydrates. Sleep right. Get plenty of rest. Your body needs sleep to rejuvenate. Take vitamins. Check out a health food store and see what’s best for you. Talk with a health care professional and get the supplements that will work best for you and help you create the body you want. On a final note, Michael Jordan has been working with his trainer Tim Grover 4-6 hours every day to get in shape for his major comeback. There are no short cuts to success. Enough said? 4of 10

Chicago leads the NBA!

Chicago leads the NBA in the number of players from it's city.There are more players in the NBA from Chicago than any where in the world! 23..just like M.J.Let me give you the names....just in case you don't believe.1. Tony Allen-This guy has game!See him in the summer playing...OH Man! He's playing within the "Team" concept at Boston.Which hurt alot of young players,because it's tough to know when to go for self or play team ball.Playing "Team Ball" hurts when it's time to get paid/last year of a contract.2.Kevin Garnett-We take him as our very own...knowing he's from Mauldin,South Carolina.But, He moved to Chicago to live[KG didn't have much to eat,he was on the grind. He struggled was rough,plus living on the West Side! WOW!] and to play H.S. basketball...knowing it would help his game BIG TIME.Playing alone side a Chicago Urban Legend Ronnie Fields.3.Bobby Simmons-This guy is very good! From the South Side of Chicago. Injuries has slowed him...He's trying to get back to form.4.Luther Head-Money jumper,has to up his game a bit if he want to stick in the "L".5.Eddy Curry-Eddy is sorry. He has sooo much upside,not doing anything with it.I think the wealth has gotten him.He's not hungry anymore.Plus,the NBA has moved to long,skinny,fast running centers.6.Quentin Richardson-still has upside,wealth accumulation has gotten to him ??? When you get paid[become a young millionaire]it's hard to stay hungry on the B-Ball court.Maybe the death of his brother due to an attemped robbery a few years back could have something to do with it. Or him breaking up with Brandy?7.Antonine Walker-He gone! Nobody will pick him up after his contract expires.Good career,good days in Boston,ring in Miami.It's been One!8.Andre Iguodala-Great upside! He's a star!9.Melvin Ely-Must keep working hard! There's a ton of guys his size,and skill level.Got him a ring down in San Antonio.Life's Good!10.Julian Wright-A ton of upside here!He has to breakout!Otherwise...11.Michael Finley-It's Been One!Good career,down in Dallas,ring in San Antonio, Don't think he will get picked up after this season...unless he take a big pay cut.We'll see.12.Derrick Rose-Great up side! All-Star... HIS ROOKIE YEAR! NBA future Superstar...we'll have to see about that.!13.Steven Hunter-Only reason I see he's still in the "L" is...that he fit the mold of the new centers of the NBA...Long,Skinny,and can run.For a big man 7foot...he run like a gazalle.14.Will Bynum-Man! You see this guy in the summer? He got game!Will can score on anybody! Was killing em' overseas... Now he has to play within the confines of the NBA,plus,he's short which becomes a defensive liability.15.Corey Maggette-Got paid! He's still hungry...keep up the good work! Don't hurt to stay with trainer Tim Grover.16.Andre Brown-Has to find his's tough out there.Good young body.17.Shannon Brown-must find his way...this guy can play! Right now he need the minutes to show his wears.Hey,so do everybody else in the League.Good Luck! If he don't get on the court,and fast,Shannon will be overseas playing.Still Basketball...Still gettin' paid!18.Narz Mohammed-I think he never got over the death of his dad...a few years back,due to a robbery.I met Narz...he's a great guy!19.Shaun Livington-coming back from major knee surgery is going to be a major hurdle.20.Shawn Marion-He's from North Chicago...but, we claim him because,he played a ton of ball in the Chicagoland area.All-Star,Top 20 NBA talent.21.Dwyane Wade-What can I say...He's Back!Strong as ever,back to top form.Top 10 NBA talent.I remember him at Foster Park...The things he use to do back then...He's still doing now! WOW!22.Dee Brown-hang in there Dee!23.Linton Jonhson-This guy just need a chance.He can play! Come from a good family that include...Chicago Urban Legend:Mickey Johnson.The NBA's first Point Forward! Players lossed: Jawan HowardIt's Been One! Great career,signed a record NBA contract some years back...I think like 187mil. over ten years.It was Crazy money!Jannero Pargo-Overseas getting paid a record contract for himself...I think 5mil. a year. I can almost say...Can't confirm untill I do more research,that Chicago leads the History of NBA with the most players from any city. That's saying something! What? If you want to get your game on...if you want to get your game strong...and your mind come to the Chi. Chicago is the MECCA OF BASKETBALL! Did anybody see the NBA Steal of the Night?11/24/08. Chicago flavor Will Bynum taking candy from a baby Sebastian Telfair.

Create An Action Plan

Your plan is the roadmap to achieving your Vision. What’s your plan of attack? How are you going to become the player that you want to be? You must have a Plan of Action. That means, you must write down what you are going to do. Start by taking your vision statement and further developing it into your Plan of Action. Take the individual steps as your goals. For example, If one of your goals is to become great at shooting free throws, your Plan of Action could be – take 200 shots a day. Kobe Bryant once had a goal, during the off-season, to take 2,000 shots everyday. How about that goal! How about developing a plan to make the school varsity basketball team? First thing you would do is to write down this goal. Next, would be a list of the things you need to do to achieve this goal. (practice daily working to improve your individual skills; join tournaments to develop your competitive edge; work out daily to develop your body; eat right and get plenty of rest; and never stop learning). Whatever your goal, establish a program to improve your present position. Goals are nothing without an action plan to achieve them. Don’t be afraid to get started. Don’t allow other people to distract you from completing your goals or your action plan. Focusing on your goals is a 24/7 job. The start of your action plan is the beginning of building your leadership qualities and every test you face as a leader begins within yourself. That’s why it’s important to complete your action plan because you can’t lead anyone else if you can’t lead yourself to complete an action plan. Face the "leadership challenge" – translation: size up every thing you do–your successes and failures. Learn from them. Ask yourself, "What did I do well or What do I need to improve upon?" Your areas of improvement are your mistakes, but keeping things in a positive mindset you call your mistakes your areas of improvement. Focusing on the solutions. But remember, The key is to write down your plan. Now, do it! 3of 10


What do you see yourself doing in the future? What’s your vision of where you want to go? Just think about some of our great visionary thinkers like Martin Luther King, Jr. and his vision for equality, non-violence and peace. Where would we be today if he had not had great vision for his people? What about Alexander Gram Bell and his vision for the telephone? Today we are able to talk to people clear around the world because of his vision. And, there’s also Thomas Edison and his vision of the light bulb. Today we are not in the dark because of his vision. Finally, there’s Garett A. Morgan who witnessing a terrible accident in the early 1920’s and invented a traffic light, a device that after 75 years remains the primary tool for managing automobile traffic. Develop your vision of what you want. You have to see it and believe it, before you can achieve it. "Do you want to play Division 1 Basketball?" "Do you want to play overseas?" "Do you want to be in the league (NBA)?" What’s your desire? Think on it. Meditate on it. Take time to write down your vision – then write down specific, itemized goals (steps) that will lead to your vision. There’s a saying in the Bible that says, "my people perish without a vision". You must have vision or you are going nowhere fast! How true a statement? If you don’t see yourself doing something in the future, you won’t do anything. If you work a 9 to 5 job and you don’t see yourself as one day becoming the manager, company executive or owner, you probably don’t have any vision. A person without vision becomes stagnated and falls into a rut. Think about what you want. Then you must see yourself attaining it. Now, hold that thought. Write down your vision. Make a list of individual steps that you can take to achieve your ultimate goal. You can formulate this into a "vision statement" for yourself and work towards achieving it daily. 2 of 10

Ten Secrets For Basketball Sucess!

I worte this a few years back for another site...But I thought it will be useful for someone wanting to get better at the game I love.I'll be starting with the first and foremost thing you need.....1 of 10 MINDSET
"Get Your Mind Right". How you think is everything. Always think positively – think success. Make up your mind to be committed and dedicated to becoming the best. Positive thoughts will bring success on and off the basketball court. Have confidence in yourself –"high" self-esteem. Don’t blame yourself when you make a mistake. Learn from it (think about what you could have done differently). Move on. Remember, how you think is everything. How is it that when some guys get the ball they just know they are going to score and can sometimes tell you what they are going to do and then, do it? They know they are going to "do" you because they think success. They are focused when someone is guarding them on offense. Think in terms of the "jungle mentality", translation: in the jungle, it’s eat or be eaten. – only the strong survives. Think: "I’m hungry and I’ve got to eat". Think like the wolverine. A wolverine is not the largest animal nor is it the strongest. But it is one of the most tenacious and fearless animals on the planet. Being that the he is not fast, he has to find whatever he can to eat. If he stumbles upon a very large grizzly bear eating, he will go over and take the food from the grizzly leaving him running into the woods. The wolverine has been known to take food from a pack of wolves. How does this happen? These animals know that the wolverine means business and they can risk injury in a fight so they move on knowing they can get another meal. But the wolverine is hungry, and he’s got to eat. If you don’t eat, you’re going to die. In order to get to the next level, you must have this type of attitude. Ask yourself, "what am I thinking?" Maybe you don’t know because everything is going so fast. Are you thinking, "pass" as in passive or are you thinking "destroy" as in dunk?" You must be focused and concentrate on the game. Don’t be passive and think about "whatever comes to your mind" you must have a focused mind so that when you get the ball you will be successful. Always aim high. Strive to be the best. Think, "I can’t be stopped ‘cause I’m the best; I can score anytime I want and the only reason I don’t score is because basketball is a team sport and I want the game to come to me". 1 of 10

A New Season II

Here we are again to start a new NBA season.Last year I asked the question...Could the San Antionio Spurs repeat? I said No. I was right. Then, I asked the question... Could the Boston Celtics win it all?...I was right again. Man! I'm going to step out there again,with a prediction on this new season. Can the Boston Celtics repeat? No! Kevin Garnett is great...but,he's not a real dominate type needed to carry a team sometimes. It showed in the playoffs. Paul Pierce,well he can carry a team[proved it early in his career,can't do it now. He need help]James Posey is Gone! That's Huge Mistake! So, my choice is a tough one this year.I'll pick one team....but, I can make a case for at lease three teams to win it all.Los Angles Lakers,New Orleans Hornets,Phoenix Suns. My choice...Phoenix Suns. I can't go against Shaq! The most dominate big man in the history of basketball...still the best at 35.Although Superman Dwight Howard is coming on strong...a force.[Howard still need a go-to move,then work all the rest of his moves off that].Getting back to the Suns,cutting Steve Nash minutes during the regular season[he's 35]should have him rested and ready for the playoffs. Same for Shaq...Rested and Ready for the playoffs.Shaq was built for the playoffs.They will take it all this year. There I said it. MVP...take your pick. Kobe Bryant,LeBron James,Chris Paul..All will have outstanding seasons. Now let's talk about CHICAGO!The Chicago Bulls ...they picked up the number one draft pick,by chance...and drafted Derrick Rose. Great move! Now the Bulls go on and make blunders...there is still time to fix. 1. Not making a move at the guard position. Kirk Hinrich needs to GO! Too slow for the point...not tall enough for the 2 guard,can't play defense on anybody.Larry Hughes needs to GO! He's just not a winner.Larry is just out there getting paid. 2. Derrick Rose! Give the kid heavy minutes! 35+ every night! Otherwies you ruin him! AKA...Joakim Noah,Tyrus Thomas,Thabo Sefolosha.These guys need minutes! The ONLY way you get better in this league. 3. Get rid of the Big Poluka Aaron Gray. Nothing aganist you might be a great guy. But as far as basketball...You are slow,can't guard anybody,no downlow moves,if you needed a coach to teach you bigman moves last season...You don't have it! Don't have the mindset to dominate. I see it! Don't you KNOW your opponent see it TOO? The only good thing you can do is shoot freethrows...But, you can't get to the line to DO THAT! 4 . Fire the General Manager! John Paxson! Proved to be one of the worse GM's out there. He will start the season on the HOT SEAT! If Derrick Rose starts the season unhappy,Pax will be GONE! 5. Need of a GO-TO Guy Big Time! Ben Gordon can't do it...although he's proved it a few times.He's Short! Put a big guard on him ...Ben Gordon has problems. Plus he has hurt feelings from the contract talks.Ben you should have took 10! The 5 year 50 million dollar contract offered.Ben settled for 1 year 6 million. Becomes a free agent next year...and you still won't get over 10 mil. I'm a BIG Ben Gordon fan! He put his work in!You can see it in his body.Fire your agent! 010

International Basketball

With the Olympics in full force,Team USA now dubbed the Redeem Team was playing China before ONE BILLION watchers! Yes ,ONE BILLION! A record to view a basketball game...any game for that matter. Leads me to address why NBA players are now bolting the NBA for the International stage. 5'5" Earl Boykins just became Italy's highest paid player...What? Earl Boykins? He's 32 years old! Carlos Arroyo,He Gone! Josh Childress,He Gone! Nenad Kerstic,He Gone! Bostjan Nachbar ,signed in Moscow....He Gone!Jannero Pargo One of Chicago's Finest! Has reached an agreement with the same team,Moscow Dynamo for a one-year deal...He Gone! Carlos Navarro,He Gone! Carlos Delfino,you know it...He Gone! Kobe Bryant said he would leave for Europe for 50 million a year. LeBron James free agency is coming up next year...If Bron Bron was trading on the NYSE,he would be trading for like 500.00 a share.He's all business.He has Warren Buffett as a buddy!What's keeping him from going? Ben Gordon and the Chicago Bulls can't come to terms...Overseas??? Dallas Mavericks 2008 draft pick Shan Foster is playing in Europe. Follow the money...It's overseas right now.With a BILLION people watching basketball, you can't help but have big sponsers,commercials,shoe deals,endorsements,etc.But, the biggest of all...maybe not the biggest name in the bunch...Brandon Jennings from Oak Hill Academy High School,not going to college,not going to the NBDL,but, headed overseas! WOW! Signing a contract to play overseas in Italy.I think it's a tip of the iceburg,more high schoolers will bolt to Europe. With a declining US economy,getting paid in Euros,and not the declining dollar,a bigger audience with the world being the stage,You really don't need an agent if you are playing in the NBA, salary caps are already pre-determined. Just follow the money!

Cazzie Russell A Chicago Legend

This is the first of many post about Chicago Urban Legends. Cazzie Russell was from Chicago's Altgeld Gardens housing projects on the far south side. He went to Carver H.S., class of 1962.Where he learned from and played with Tommy Hawkins[Another Chicago Urban Legend].Cazzie stood about 6'6",averaged about 25pts. per game as a senior.A person having a big influence on Cazzie was Larry Hawkins[no relations to Tommy Hawkins or Connie Hawkins!]. Larry was Cazzie's coach and kept him on the straight and narrow.Larry was a great ball player in his own right,can still be found at the University of Chicago helping people. Cazzie was so dynamic he could have went to almost any school in the country at the time. He was being heavily recurited by UCLA,University of Michigan,University Of Cincinnati[which featured the Great Oscar Robertson]who even came to visit Cazzie! Cazzie chose the Uni. Of Michigan, because he felt he would play more there.At the Uni. of Michigan,Cazzie averaged about 24pts. per game,and was a 3-time All American.Cazzie put Uni. of Michigan basketball program on the map!He was the Uni. of Michigan's first Superstar...By the time it was over they built a new arena,Crisler Arena,"The house that Cazzie built".He also was the first to have his number [33]retired at the Uni. of Michigan. Cazzie was the number one draft pick in 1966 by the NBA. Drafted by the New York Knicks.Played his first five seasons for New York. And was part of the 1970 Championship run that featured...Willis Reed,Bill Bradley,and Walt Frazier,which beat the L.A. Lakers and Wilt Chamberlain.Cazzie went on to play 12 seasons in the NBA 1966-1978.Here's to you Cazzie Russell a positive influence on kids back in the day. And Still a positive influence today! One of the great Chicago Urban Legends.


Why did certain Chicago area basketball players make the Chicago Urban Legends list,while others did not? To quote Ozzy Osbourne... "I DON'T KNOW". There's always going to be people who should be on something and left off. That don't diminish who they are as a person,or as a player. Also,just because one made it to the NBA does not constitue being a Urban Legend. NBA is not the tell all ,do all when it comes to basketball. There's like 480 players in the NBA...And I can tell you with a clear mind...not all are the best players in the world! Not even half! WHY? Politics,breaks,being in the right place at the right time,psychological make up.That's the new thing in the NBA[not really new]doing mental, and behavior studies and questions on players to see if there is any problems in the future.Coming soon to a NBA team near you...DNA testing. OH NO! Way to go Eddie Curry! Ok Ok here's a list of players not on the Chicago Urban Legends, not saying they will or will not be on in the future. George Mikan,Isiah Thomas,Mark Aguirre,Maurice Cheeks,Jamie Brandon,Darrell Walker,Terry Cummings,Lee CummingsTerry's brother,Don Ross,Cory Blackwell,Ronnie Lester,Bo Ellis,Lafayette Lever,Alfredrick Hughes,Andre Battle,Larry Hawkins,Eddie Johnson,Hersey Hawkins,Quentin Richardson,Johnnie Selvie....Did I miss anyone?

Best Basketball Players...Chicago Southside,or Chicago Westside

There has always been a question as to where the best basketball players in the Chicagoland came from...Westside! Or the...Southside! Hard question to answer. But, I'll try and bring more light to the subject.Not to take away from players from any area in Chicago. Chicago,as far as I'm concerned,has "The Best" basketball players from any place on the planet! The rest of the world of course, is catching up to us.Isiah Thomas is by far the best NBA ball player to come from Chicago...and he's a westsider.Billy "the Kid" Harris is by far the best Streetball Legend/Pro ball player[Billy played in the ABA,Overseas,shooo,Billy played all over] Billy Harris is from the southside.You ask Billy...He says,Art Sivels was the best he's seen!Art was from the westside.Art Sivels could shoot,fast as ...I don't know what!Could dribble out of this world! Doing moves nobody never seem before!The Globetrotters wanted Art to play for them bad...they would come over his home bagging Art's mom to let him go on the road and show his wears.Art never went on that road show,but, he continue to be a Legend in Chicago.Who has the most players currently in the NBA? Westside or Southside? Southside of chicago has a slight edge in the amount of players currently in the NBA. Who has the most players on the Chicago Urban Legends list? To the view full list ...see below. Southside has a slight edge. With Derrick Rose being drafted number one in the NBA draft in the Southside another edge.So,overall,the Southside have a slight edge on the westside when it comes to Basketball.I can tell you one thing...You better not go on the westside talking trash! Especially,if you are from the southside.

Derrick Rose!

BULLS take Derrick Rose with the number one pick in the NBA draft. Now can he live up to the hype of being the number one pick? For Sure! What has to happen is...General Manager John Paxson,has to give Rose tons playing minutes like Chris Paul. Chris Paul averaged like 35 minutes a game,like 16 points per.Give Derrick the minutes, rest will take care of itself. We are now hearing that Paxson says,"Derrick's not a guy we're going to look at and say, `Come in and right away [and start],' " Paxson said. "He's got to earn that given the chance. But we're not going to throw him into this thing and say you have to do everything right now. We'll give him time." Right away we have a problem!
Here's what Derrick has to say about that...He wanted to be the league MVP his Rookie season! And a superstar like, Kobe Bryant,LeBron James,Chris Paul,within five years.What has to happen..Kirk Hinrich has to go[Lack of leadership,not fast enough to play the point,not a great shooter to play the 2 guard],Chris Duhon has to go[he's a good point guard but,not, enough speed,and Too Short!]Larry Hughes has to go[not enough heart,don't want to be a second fiddle,aka Lebron James,Clevland,and he's not a winner].Get rid of Aaron "The Big Poluka" Gray,He's way too slow, no post moves,not a good rebounder,just a good free throw shooter that can't get to the line.Pick up a seasoned Big that can get up the court,DeSagana Diop,Samuel Dalembert,Chris Kaman,Joel Przybilla,Kurt Thomas,then we are good to go!

World Champs!

Boston Celtics, YOU ARE THE WORLD CHAMPS! Kevin Garnett,Ray Allen,Paul Pierce,You guys did it! There were doubts...Atlanta took them to a game seven. Atlanta. KG you got your ring atlast! Chicago's very own...Glen "Doc" Rivers,Tony Allen,Keven Garnett,that's right...We claim KG because he played his High school ball here in Chicago. What happened to Kobe in the finals??? He didn't seem to be able to take over games like the past.He has a ton of miles on his body.I still think he's the best player in the world.I might not be saying that next NBA season.NBA number one pick???? Derrick Rose! When everybody was talking about O.J. Mayo,Here comes Derrick! To take what's his! That's that Chicago mindset I was telling you about.I have bad thoughts about Derrick Rose being drafted by the Chicago Bulls...The Bulls have horrible management! A rookie need plenty of playing time to flourish.At lease 25 min. to 35 min. a game. That's not happening in Chicago.