Derrick Rose!

BULLS take Derrick Rose with the number one pick in the NBA draft. Now can he live up to the hype of being the number one pick? For Sure! What has to happen is...General Manager John Paxson,has to give Rose tons playing minutes like Chris Paul. Chris Paul averaged like 35 minutes a game,like 16 points per.Give Derrick the minutes, rest will take care of itself. We are now hearing that Paxson says,"Derrick's not a guy we're going to look at and say, `Come in and right away [and start],' " Paxson said. "He's got to earn that given the chance. But we're not going to throw him into this thing and say you have to do everything right now. We'll give him time." Right away we have a problem!
Here's what Derrick has to say about that...He wanted to be the league MVP his Rookie season! And a superstar like, Kobe Bryant,LeBron James,Chris Paul,within five years.What has to happen..Kirk Hinrich has to go[Lack of leadership,not fast enough to play the point,not a great shooter to play the 2 guard],Chris Duhon has to go[he's a good point guard but,not, enough speed,and Too Short!]Larry Hughes has to go[not enough heart,don't want to be a second fiddle,aka Lebron James,Clevland,and he's not a winner].Get rid of Aaron "The Big Poluka" Gray,He's way too slow, no post moves,not a good rebounder,just a good free throw shooter that can't get to the line.Pick up a seasoned Big that can get up the court,DeSagana Diop,Samuel Dalembert,Chris Kaman,Joel Przybilla,Kurt Thomas,then we are good to go!

World Champs!

Boston Celtics, YOU ARE THE WORLD CHAMPS! Kevin Garnett,Ray Allen,Paul Pierce,You guys did it! There were doubts...Atlanta took them to a game seven. Atlanta. KG you got your ring atlast! Chicago's very own...Glen "Doc" Rivers,Tony Allen,Keven Garnett,that's right...We claim KG because he played his High school ball here in Chicago. What happened to Kobe in the finals??? He didn't seem to be able to take over games like the past.He has a ton of miles on his body.I still think he's the best player in the world.I might not be saying that next NBA season.NBA number one pick???? Derrick Rose! When everybody was talking about O.J. Mayo,Here comes Derrick! To take what's his! That's that Chicago mindset I was telling you about.I have bad thoughts about Derrick Rose being drafted by the Chicago Bulls...The Bulls have horrible management! A rookie need plenty of playing time to flourish.At lease 25 min. to 35 min. a game. That's not happening in Chicago.