International Basketball

With the Olympics in full force,Team USA now dubbed the Redeem Team was playing China before ONE BILLION watchers! Yes ,ONE BILLION! A record to view a basketball game...any game for that matter. Leads me to address why NBA players are now bolting the NBA for the International stage. 5'5" Earl Boykins just became Italy's highest paid player...What? Earl Boykins? He's 32 years old! Carlos Arroyo,He Gone! Josh Childress,He Gone! Nenad Kerstic,He Gone! Bostjan Nachbar ,signed in Moscow....He Gone!Jannero Pargo One of Chicago's Finest! Has reached an agreement with the same team,Moscow Dynamo for a one-year deal...He Gone! Carlos Navarro,He Gone! Carlos Delfino,you know it...He Gone! Kobe Bryant said he would leave for Europe for 50 million a year. LeBron James free agency is coming up next year...If Bron Bron was trading on the NYSE,he would be trading for like 500.00 a share.He's all business.He has Warren Buffett as a buddy!What's keeping him from going? Ben Gordon and the Chicago Bulls can't come to terms...Overseas??? Dallas Mavericks 2008 draft pick Shan Foster is playing in Europe. Follow the money...It's overseas right now.With a BILLION people watching basketball, you can't help but have big sponsers,commercials,shoe deals,endorsements,etc.But, the biggest of all...maybe not the biggest name in the bunch...Brandon Jennings from Oak Hill Academy High School,not going to college,not going to the NBDL,but, headed overseas! WOW! Signing a contract to play overseas in Italy.I think it's a tip of the iceburg,more high schoolers will bolt to Europe. With a declining US economy,getting paid in Euros,and not the declining dollar,a bigger audience with the world being the stage,You really don't need an agent if you are playing in the NBA, salary caps are already pre-determined. Just follow the money!