How time goes by! I just looked at my post from the start of the NBA season...WOW! I said that the Phoenix Suns,Yes,THE SUNS would win it all! They are not even going to make the playoffs! Shaq is still my man! I was riding Shaq,he didn't disappoint,playing in the most games this year for the first time in his carrer.Shaq had a very good season,he also made the All-Star team,however his teammates let him down,Steve Nash for one...this guy can't play a lick of defense! Nash is a one dimensional player! I'd get rid of him over the summer and pick up Allen Iverson. Yes, Allen Iverson! He's even worse you say! A.I. has something to prove after the Detroit disaster this year.I also picked the Los Angles Lakers,New Orleans Hornets,or Phoenix Suns. See what happens when you go out on the limb. L.A. still has a good chance. Everyone will be looking at Cleveland with Bron Bron leading the way! LeBron of my picks for MVP of the year.Yeah I know...that was a no-brainer. I think this is LeBron's year. I fail to even mention Dwayne Wade! He's had an outstanding season with more to come in the playoffs. Chicago leads the way again with 18 players in the league...more than any city in the country. That list include New York! We should have great NBA playoffs this year..Let's sit back watch and enjoy history being made.